Revisiting Fragile Glass

I wanted to yell

But the noise filled our ears

Your voice echoed across

Barely transcending the clapping rain.

Our emotions spilled forth like the torrent on the roof

Yet our voices drowned in a soothing taunt

Our exasperation united us across warring currents

And we gave up on hatred

To feel the sorrow inside each other’s hearts.

We looked down

Trumped by nature and her anger

We felt small and ridiculous

Raising our voice out of fire

But only to be heard

And stealing the meaning from our intensity

Our rage subsided by the edge of the bridge

As she looked down upon us with flashes of lightening

And sent wind down the tunnel to flutter our clothes

Magically, it pulled us close

And we remember in that assailable moment

Something that washed down the river

Grasped upon our lives

Surrounding us with grave air

Of the death to us


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